Zero to Hero Day 10: Glazed chicken


Today has been one of those days. Firstly with my widgets  – I had already added the widgets that they suggested. There was no point adding a twitter or instagram widget as I have neither of these. What I would like to add that I have seen on some posts is a view by country widget. I have tried and tried and just can’t get it there. Can someone help? Any suggestions welcomed.

Tonight’s dinner was superb. My girlfriend had given me a jar of “festive glaze” for Christmas saying  “Le Chef’ll know what to do with it.” He sure did know and this was the result. The chicken may have looked black but it was the glaze that gave it the colour. The white mushy stuff is bread sauce. Le Chef originates from the UK and this is a normal accompaniment to chicken where he comes from where we would normally have stuffing. I have to say it goes really well with the white meat and I have grown to love it. I also love all the veggies that come with a roast. The colours are vibrant and I find that adds to my enjoyment. Once again the potatoes were just wonderful.

Another part of the assignment for today is to do a short post. As most of our conversation tonight was mundane to say the least I shall relate the one item that had Le Chef’s belly wobbling up and down as he laughed his highly infectious laugh. It was over the sad, frightening incident of the Perth bush fires where many had lost homes and one person to date their life. This was not at all funny and for those involved I imagine terrifying and our thoughts went out to them.

There was however a residential area which had been fully evacuated apart from approximately 50 people who had refused to leave their homes. They are classified as being in a hot spot and are still being urged to leave. The emergency services man doing the rounds of this area was interviewed and said “we have been giving them moral support. They are starting to feel lonely ………” At this image Le Chef could not stop laughing. “They are starting to feel lonely” he repeated laughing even harder. “Lonely” was not an emotion he envisaged these people were feeling as they fought for their lives and their houses.

See you at dinner tomorrow?


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6 Responses to Zero to Hero Day 10: Glazed chicken

  1. lucy says:

    Bread sauce with any type of roast meat is mandatory in our house, alongside stuffing – there’s no either/or about it!:-)

  2. lucy says:

    Same applies to Yorkshire puddings – they go with everything too! Must be my Brit-ness showing… 😉

    • gretaallison says:

      Yorkshire pudding is not something we ever have. When I asked Le Chef for it once he told me it was only eaten in the north and it is not something he associates with any meal therefore he will not make it. I like it though. 🙂

  3. kathyequinn says:

    I like the look of your Chicken… i also used a Christmas present, my daughter had brought a jar of home-made spaghetti sauce, so I made pizza dough and hubby and I rolled it out out and decorated with stuff we had, the sun-dried tomatoes looked beautiful when they went in, but came out burned- what a disappointment, but the pizza tasted great thanks to the excellent sauce.

    • gretaallison says:

      Your pizza sounds great. I might put a request in to Le Chef. I haven’t had one for ages. You can get some good things in bottles and to be given them makes them that much more special.

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