Day 14 Zero to Hero: Baked Rainbow Trout

IMG_1240 IMG_1239Todays assignment was to do anything we wanted to do – well within reason that was. So I did a bit of all three suggestions. I did some reading, some commenting and am now about to reflect. Has the zero to hero been a worthwhile exercise for me? I have nothing to compare it to so I would have to say it probably has been. Certainly the nomination for the Liebster award was very helpful as it did send a lot of traffic my way. I was correct though in saying I thought the number of visitors would go back to pre Liebster levels after a couple of days and that has happened. The only thing that I wanted to do that I haven’t been able to do is put a site visit by country widget into my sidebar. I’d still appreciate any tips. I’d have to say my experience in the last 14 days has been positive although I had no idea how time-consuming being a good blogging citizen is. This is causing Le Chef and I some problems which I will have to make a point of correcting. You see, I try to catch up with the reader whilst he is preparing dinner. For probably the last fourteen days he has had to call me to come for dinner. He has set the table and put the plates out and has often served up. Tonight he said to me “my mother used to get really angry if she had to call me to the table. Now I know why. I’m getting sick of having to call you every night. Why can’t you just come.”

“I don’t know what time dinner is.” I said. This made him even madder. “I’m sorry. I’ll try and do better.”  I said making a mental note to set my computer alarm to go off every night at 6.35 pm. That should help.

Dinner tonight was superb. We hadn’t had a Rainbow Trout in ages and Le Chef had managed to pick up two beautiful specimens which he baked after putting three slits in the skin. Inside these he put grated lemon rind, garlic and a little butter. In the abdominal area he put lemons. He cooked it for around 20mins.

IMG_1243 IMG_1242 IMG_1241This he served with coleslaw and beans and zucchinis which had been part cooked and then fried in garlic and soy sauce. This is one of my favourite ways of eating beans. You can see how much I enjoyed my meal below.



Can I make you believe I didn’t enjoy it? Only joking – it was my favourite meal this week.

Conversation stayed with the sea and is an area that we disagree on. Our Prime Minister has adopted a policy of not letting the public know what is going on with refugees trying to come to Australia from Indonesia. I believe that he is acting abysmally and violating human rights. I feel for these people being displaced from homes they loved predominantly by war, making treacherous journeys and then being welcomed with less than open arms. I believe with our attitude it is no wonder that there has sprung up a huge divide between refugees and others. Putting them in detention is exacerbating the effect on their mental state as well. I believe we should treat them as we should like to be treated.

Le Chef on the other hand argues that if these people were refugees they would stay at the first safe place they came to and await processing. They would not continue to Indonesia where they then buy  passage on often leaky boats to Australia. The are therefore not refugees but economic migrants and should be treated as they are being treated.

This dichotomy of opinion leads to many heated arguments and we are usually saved from ripping each other’s throats open by the meal ending and time to head to the lounge to watch, yes you’ve guessed it – Judge Judy.

‘Til dinner tomorrow then…….


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  1. shirlld says:

    The views by country map is done through ClustrMaps and you set up a text widget for it. Go to and they have the full instructions there…at least that’s the type that I used, if that’s what you’re after.

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