Zero to Hero: Day 13: Potato Fish Scones

IMG_1238Todays task was to link and amplify our blogrolls, and attach hover cards  to them. I had opted early in the piece to have a community. A community consists of anybody that comments, likes or follows your blog. Having read the forums I am considering changing this as, presumably, your blog roll is people who you are following and as such are more likely  to reflect your interests. Having just said this I think I’ll go and do it now.

Done. On to dinner.

Tonight we had potato fish scones. These are predominantly mashed potato with a little white fish added and then almost dry fried in a non-stick pan. We have two scones each with only one being served at a time leaving the other on a low heat to increase the hard skin which forms. I know it looks as though it is burnt but the harder it is the better it tastes. To eat you cut them in half and put a dollop of butter on each side and let it melt into the mash. Yummy.

This is the kind of meal we have when we have either been out for lunch and had a large meal or we feel it is time to reign in our eating a bit. On these occasions we might leave out the fish altogether and just have potato scones or instead of white fish use tuna or salmon or smoked cod. Today we had eaten lunch out at a restaurant which we both agreed we wouldn’t go to again. “All smoke and mirrors” Le Chef declared.

Potato scones is also the type of meal that we eat in front of the television. We rarely eat in front of the television because I am not a television watcher and I believe that a family that eats together stays together. The television is not part of the family in my opinion. Conversation is essential to happy in relationships.

Tonight, however, we did eat in front of the television. As predicted there was no conversation except in the advertisements. We watched Judge Judy – we record this daily to watch later in the evening . We have both had some involvement with the legal system (on the right side) and we love debating whether Judge Judy made the right call or not. Tonight I felt she did but Le Chef felt that the defendant had been hard done by. Then we watched the ABC news which has no advertisements so even less conversation. Just a lot of depressing news.

So ’til tomorrow nights dinner…….


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