Zero to Hero Day 12: Seafood Pasta



Day 12. I’m probably going to opt out of today because I feel I did this assignment yesterday and I am really tired today. I did a days unpaid work taking membership money for my local U3A. (University of the Third Age for those too young to know what it stands for.) This is an organisation started in England to give brains desperate for stimulation in retirement a venue to go and learn things it wants to learn with no pressure. No exams that is. The teachers come from within the membership and utilise expertise that they either had in their working life or interests. The pupils are voluntary and the workers are voluntary. In the years since my retirement I have learnt French, numerous psychology course, history, acting, art history and, tai chi to name but a few. It wasn’t hard work today but anything sedentary puts me to sleep so I am weary.

Tonight for dinner Le Chef made a seafood pasta. The pasta was fettucine. My favourite is Angel Hair Spaghetti (capellini) but I wouldn’t complain to Le Chef about that. The pasta sauce had prawns, white fish, calamari, parsley, capsicum and octopus and goodness knows what else. He’s not looking at this blog so I’ll be honest and say it was not the best he has done. We had the same dish over Christmas and it was just delicious but something was different and this one not quite as good. Mind you, still better than anything I could dish up and done in a quarter the time it would take me to do it and done with a lot less washing up. If I were to cook I would use every pot and pan in the place.

Most of our conversation tonight revolved around the post-mortems of a couple of Australians that died in Bali. It has Le Chef fascinated as the cause of death is queried to come from food poisoning and he can’t get his head around the speed at which the deaths took place. He is convinced there is more to it than that. I think that possibly they ate a poisonous fish and the toxins killed them. That could probably happen quickly. Food poisoning, although a possibility, we agree seems unlikely as surely there would have been some gastric symptoms where there didn’t appear to be any. Another possibility is food allergy. Anyway this is all a bit depressing so I’m not going to ramble on.

On a brighter note Le Chef believes he has cracked the secret to his golf game. His hero is somebody Hogan who always played with a firm grip. A firm grip I am told is really a weak grip. Hogan apparently was the only man who could use this grip and get his hand in front of the something without closing his club face. Le Chef has worked out how to do it. Make any sense to you? I gave up listening about angles, stances, elbow position and club faces many years ago. The same as he stopped listening about heel turns, kick ball changes and feathers. I guess that happens in all marriages.

See you at dinner tomorrow? ‘Til then…


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