Zero to Hero: Day 11: Oysters and Pizza

IMG_1219Day 11 was a day we had to comment on other posts. I successfully carried out this assignment although my comments on the whole were a bit mundane.  I haven’t quite got the conversation bit quite right yet. I can answer comments I get but, thinking up appropriate words to comment on some incredibly good posts I feel quite inadequate. On to dinner.

As you can see above Le Chef went down to the storm water drain with a chisel and hammer and prised some poor creatures off the wall. I tell him before he goes  (he does this quite often) “It’s a storm water drain. You don’t know what shit goes down there. You’ll get sick. You could die.” All I succeed in doing is make him cranky and he goes anyway. Luckily I cannot stand oysters. The sensation reminds me of a post nasal drip and I can’t get past it. Anyway I won’t die when oysters are on the menu because I don’t eat them. So far Le Chef hasn’t died either which is also good because if he did I’d have to start cooking myself and I’d have to change my blog.

Main course tonight was pizza and a pear salad. A comment from permaculturalist Kathy E Quinn who is found at

Her post on Climate Change Fact or Fiction is well worth a read. In a comment made to me her family had pizza made from some fantastic ingredients which had my mouth-watering so I put in a request to Le Chef.  Lucky for me he complied.

IMG_1221Ours was predominantly tomato and cheese and various herbs with a small amount of chorizo. It was yummy. To go with it we had a salad which had green leaves, pears, feta and some delicious dressing.IMG_1220

Conversation was almost exclusively around the film we had seen in the afternoon. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” For some reviews try


We both enjoyed it. Le Chef really loved it. At times I struggled not to go to sleep but this is a problem I have whenever I sit. I rarely watch television for this reason as I am usually asleep before the credits are over. Le Chef is a romantic and the romance in Walter Mitty he thought quite beautiful. The skate-board riding was phenomenal. The scenery fantastic.  I have been to Greenland and Iceland and it was great revisiting these two places. The casting was good. Ben Stiller played a very credible WM. I found it very humorous in parts, particular the phone calls between WM and the chap from the internet dating service. Best of all was the choice of music, which included many Jose Gonzalez songs such as Step Out, Stay Alive and Dream., Grace Mitchell’s Maneater, David Bowie’s Space Oddity to name but a few. If you haven’t seen it we think it’s worth seeing.

Well ’til dinner tomorrow…….


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6 Responses to Zero to Hero: Day 11: Oysters and Pizza

  1. “So far Le Chef hasn’t died either which is also good because if he did I’d have to start cooking myself and I’d have to change my blog.”

    That cracked me up.

    Speaking of cracking up, I haven’t tried oysters, and don’t imagine that I ever will.

  2. kathyequinn says:

    Thanks for your link to my blog, that was really nice, I enjoy reading your blog. I went off to Florida (3 hour drive) to visit my brother, sister in Law, nephews and my parents, so I only had my iphone, which is hard to use for blogging. I am working on a permaculture project for my brother’s boy scout troop– will blog about that. So we ate out and I left my poor husband at home. My mother and father mostly eat out, but we did have “Little Supper with a most excellent cheese that we brought back from Monseret, Spain from a trip around the Mediterranean.

  3. kathyequinn says:

    P.S. The pizza looks gorgeous and the salad even better!

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