Zero to Hero: Day 15: Roast Lamb

IMG_1255I am having trouble tonight getting this to work. I don’t know whether it is a problem with the Word Press site or whether my computer has slowed up for some reason and nothing seems to be working before it times out and all this on a night where I wanted things to just flow smoothly.

Changing colours and fonts was our task today. I have already explained that I don’ t like anything other than white because I am old and I just find it too difficult to see on a black background or a busy background or print that is in colours that make it hard for me to make out. Fonts could be helpful to me but only when I want to read so it is you that needs to change your fonts for that. I don’t need to read what I’ve written ’cause I just wrote it. Makes some kind of sense.

Dinner – another roast. This time lamb. It used to be our favourite roast but now I find it a little fatty and it leaves a slightly greasy taste in the mouth. I have to say though, I did enjoy it. The only thing that would make it better would be if Le Chef made a thicker gravy. He likes gravy that is like soup whereas I like them a bit more solid. Something you can stick your peas to and eat with a fork without the gravy dripping through the tines and splashing on your white trogs. I guess that trogs is not a word in common usage as the machine keeps trying to change it to frogs.  Just in case you don’t know – trogs are trousers.

Vegies are actually my favourite part of a roast and I eat them first. Beans I’m not too wild about but sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin and potato I love. Le Chef dry roasts them so that they are not fatty – I have to watch my calories.

Tonight Le Chef was full of the research that he had done on PL Travers since we had come home from seeing the movie  Saving Mr Banks. I am including three reviews to this film done by fellow WP bloggers. Only one had researched before going and knew the truth of things.

The other two I thought gave good reviews.

Personally I’m glad I didn’t know what was real and not and I thoroughly enjoyed the film, shed a few tears and laughed out loud on occasion. I would have given the film an eight and Le Chef a seven. The exact reverse of what we gave the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Even though Le Chef only gave it a seven he said he was really pleased he’d gone. If you liked Mary Poppins, a very well done child’s life in Australia, or the drama played out between the author and Walt Disney go and see it.

I’m not going to tell you what Le Chef found out because I think it might spoil the movie but I will tell you that P.L.Travers died in 1997 at the age of 96 “loving no-one and with no-one loving her.” I find that so sad. Luckily Le Chef has promised to outlive me so I won’t be in that position and I’ll have some-one to feed me for the rest of my days. Ahhhh…

‘Til dinner………..

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5 Responses to Zero to Hero: Day 15: Roast Lamb

  1. kathyequinn says:

    My husband is competing with Le Chef, last night he made a nice pasta dish and he said he was calling it “Pasta Primavera” because he added collard greens which tasted very nice, not from the garden but from the freezer. The ones in the garden have not grown much lately because the lows are 28 degrees F, a little below 0 centigrade.

    We saw “Saving Mr Banks”- I liked it a lot, I agreed with PL Travers- I didn’t like the animation in Mary Poppins- They could have done it much better these days with CGI. But I did cry too, but I cry about everything in movies and even commercials.

    The Lamb looked good and is my favorite of all meats, but we normally can’t afford it except at Easter, I also love anything left over, like lamb stew or lamb curry, and the roasted potatoes are especially delicious.

    • gretaallison says:

      We’ll have to start a site the duelling chefs. I’m not sure I’ve ever had collard greens – I had to look it up to see what it was (I thought there might be an Australian name for it). A heartless cabbage – I’m wracking my brains.
      I also agree about the animation. Even when I was a kid I didn’t like that.
      Lamb is expensive here also which is probably another reason we have it less than we used to.

  2. kathyequinn says:

    PS The assignment about changing colors or fonts– I tried it too, and decided to leave it white for the moment. No busy backgrounds either. So I tried it, and also I am too cheap to pay!

  3. kathyequinn says:

    Missing your blog… How is it down Under…

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