I  do not live up to the image of a domesticated goddess. In fact I’m not a goddess at all and at times I’m very difficult to live with.  Early in our courting I served my now husband (whom I will refer to from this point as Chef) curried tinned sardines on toast. Somehow I made an error in the making and it was more a slurry than a curry. Undaunted I invited him for dinner again. I had to prove my point – curried sardines are great. Unfortunately he didn’t think so. He told me in no uncertain terms “I haven’t reached this age to eat this kind of ******.” I haven’t cooked a meal for him since and have probably only cooked myself a number of meals that I could still add up on my toes and fingers.

This blog is not only about the meals that my husband feeds me but also what my husband feeds me in information, emotions and our conversations over those meals. He has strong opinions. Sometimes we clash. There will be emotional ups and downs, rants, gossip and who knows what else as I  serve  you “what my husband feeds me.”



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