Zero to Hero: Day 8 : The Liebster Award


Day Eights instructions were to do an about page. This done imagine my surprise and joy this morning when I woke to find that Deirdre from Occasional Stuff  who is found at has nominated me for the Liebster Award. She said in her message to me that she liked my introduction so my about page must have been okay.


The Liebster  is awarded to new bloggers as an encouragement and to get them started in the world of blogging. A requirement is that they have fewer than 200 followers. I certainly fit that bill and I have enjoyed visiting blogs that I can now nominate for the award. There are rules associated with it.

The Liebster Award: The Official Rules + My First Blog Award and a few personal secrets revealed.

Here are the rules Deirdre asked me to follow, if you accept this nomination, you can do the same:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.  (That list is below the nominations.)
3. You must nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

I’ll add one more thing – if you link back to this post, your response will appear as a “pingback” in the discussion section at the end of this post, which allows me to share your words with your fellow nominees.

  1. Why did you start your blog?     I started this blog because I love talking, love writing and just because I felt like it.
  2. What might have (or has) prevented you from continuing?   Time. There are so many good blogs out there to read and to be a good blogger you have to participate. It isn’t simply a matter of writing a blog.
  3. It’s a cold, dark, wet day here today, what’s it like where you live?  Absolutely beautiful. Temperature around 35 degrees centigrade, blue sky. Perfect
  4. What do you like to do when the weather is bad?  Write and catch up on office work
  5. Do you have pet? If yes, tell me about it, or if not, what is your favourite animal?  I have a dog and a few fish. The dog is the ruler of my life after Le Chef and has his own car.
  6. Show me a picture of what makes you happy. Why does it make you happy?  IMG_1213 Le Chef’s food makes me happy because he is happy when he cooks and I am happy eating good food.
  7. Did you read anything that made you laugh in the last week? Yes I read on a blog comment “I really must look at this tweeting thing. I heard that in Australia even the sharks tweet.”
  8. What is your favourite article of clothing, and why is it? My sandals. I have such rotten feet that without them I can’t walk.
  9. Favourite food? (As many as you like!) Easier to say what isn’t my favourite. Everything else I love. I don’t like kidneys, liver or oysters.
  10. Do you play any sports regularly? Not now because of my rotten feet.

Blogs I nominate are all doing the zero to hero award and some have not posted many blogs but all have potential. Lets face it we all have potential. Here they are –

My questions:

1. What was the first car you owned?

2. What was the first record you bought? CD for those to young for records

3. Who was your childhood hero?

4. What was your first pet?

5. What was your favourite subject at school and

6. why?

7. Describe yourself in five words

8. If you were a character in a movie who would you be?

9. If your life was a movie, who would play you?

10. Where would you like to go on your next vacation?

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Zero to Hero: Day 7 Reheated Roast Turkey dinner


Today is Day 7 of zero to hero. Wow. One whole week. Todays task was a bit more theme searching and header changing. This time I have changed my theme from reddle to Twenty ten. It is still clear so I can read it without glasses and headache. The main reason I changed was because I couldn’t work out how to get an about page. I have been successful with this theme so it’s staying put for the moment. Who knows what the future will bring in the next twenty-three days.

As you can see from the above meal Le Chef has served up the first of the many turkey roasts that we will be having from the large cheap bird he purchased after Christmas. If anything, this was even more delectable than the first meal we had from it. The potatoes sent me to heaven and back again. They were just so tasty. It is when you have a potato like these that you think that yes, you could have lived in Ireland during the famine and eaten only potatoes.  The rest of the meal was pretty good too. Ham always goes well with turkey and the broccolini was such a delicious fresh green. Doing these posts its like eating the meal twice. My mouth is salivating; drooling at the memory of it.

Tonight we discussed over dinner whether politicians always do what is in their own self interest. It started off as a discussion on our own local councillors. We have just successfully deamalgamated from a larger super council. We again have independence and we’re pretty proud of that and our teensy weeny role in achieving it. Some of the councillors waited until it was clear the community were going to vote in favour of deamalgamating before they joined those fighting to have it happen.

Somehow that got us onto American politics. I have to admit that I know very little about politics in the U.S. but Le Chef was telling me how the Republicans call themselves Reaganites but that if Reagan was around today he wouldn’t have been welcome  in the party with the politics he believed in – he actually put up taxes and passed some abortion law or other. (I warned you I don’t remember detail and this was a long, detailed conversation.)

Le Chef also told me that Cheney (I think it was) put forward the identical health care bill to President Obama. Le Chef says that there is a television channel (Fox News, I think) that is compulsory watching if you are Republican being the only channel watched and it feeds its Republican audience like Le Chef feeds me. Except I have to admit that most of what Le Chef tells me stands up to scrutiny.

The point of all this was that Le Chef believes the politicians (both sides) are simply serving their own ends and eventually such a state of stalemate will occur because nobody will put up taxes and that all bills will be blocked that the US will be brought to an actual grinding halt and then not only the US but the entire world will have a big big problem.

Probably none of that makes any sense to you but Le Chef has a way with words and a memory which is huge . Me? I’m just waiting for my next dinner.


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Zero to Hero : Day 6 Firecracker squid

This video has nothing to do with my post other than it is about what noise  a squid makes with the tenuous link being the squid. It was, however, our task for Day 6 to use a medium that we had not previously used so here it is.


Our meal tonight was delicious but very, very hot. That’s alright though because over the years my tolerance to hot food has increased  whilst Le Chefs has decreased. Tonight though as the beads of perspiration formed on his brow I happily munched the aptly named Firecracker  squid. This was served with a very tasty Fried Rice. One of the ingredients in the rice was pineapple which came as a sensory shock on the first taste but in reality it joined in the mix well.  He fried the squid in a batter of some sort which included chilli and turmeric amongst goodness knows what else. It may have been hotter than Le Chef expected because he used some rice oil to cook it in that I had been soaking some fresh chilli a friend had given me. He was none too pleased when he found out that I had “doctored the oil.”

He was none to pleased after his shopping expedition anyway. Parking was at a premium and he had to park a considerable distance from the doors to the mall. He wasn’t so much angry about that for himself but for some old fellow that was in the same predicament. The difference was that the old boy was struggling to walk from where he’d park to the shops, yet was not disabled enough to qualify for a parking permit.

This started Le Chef off on a rant about the number of spaces allocated to mothers with prams. ” Why do they need to have a spot near the door?”  This was a reasonable question I thought.

“They don’t” I replied.

“Why can’t a mother with a baby walk to the shops. She’s not disabled. She’s just had a kid. She’s not an invalid. In fact she should be at the prime of her life where she could walk miles. And lets face it – they want to get rid of that baby fat so let them exercise and let the poor old seniors have the prime spots.”

When Le Chef gets going he gets going but I won’t bore you with the repetitive arguments. I’ll just ask “What do you think? Does this bug you also?.”

‘Til dinner then…


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Zero to Hero: Day 5


No meal to report as yet. Le Chef has gone shopping. Home alone so  I’ve decided to do a catch up post. Before Le Chef  left I asked him how his eye was going. He gave the question serious consideration before replying “Woof”. I took that to mean his eyes have improved.

I on the other hand have fiddled about with themes. I’ve tried many and  have realised that I like white. Why do I like white you may ask and the answer is simple. I can read it easily. It looks clear to me. The black stands out from the page  and my brain does not feel confused. Therefore I could quite happily use themes such as Twenty ten, Bushwick, Shine on to name a few would suit me fine. I have returned to Reddle theme simply because I know where things are on the sidebar and I’m a creature of habit and had already got used to it.

Other themes however, such as Flounder, Motif, and Bon Vivant I found so difficult to read that I know I wouldn’t have returned to use it, such was the headache  they gave me.

I think that is all I  have to say on the matter. ‘Til dinner then.

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Zero to Hero : Day 4

Unknown-1 zero-to-hero-badge

Some things you just can’t ask a man to do. At 5am Le Chef arose to get the early cup of coffee. “Bring in your eye ointment” I said. He returned with coffee and a tube of  ointment which I applied to both his eyes.  Unfortunately when I finally roused myself to an alert state I discovered he had not brought in his eye medicine but rather that of the dogs. That would have been okay had the dog and he had the same stuff but it was totally different. Oh well we’ll just have to wait and see.

Todays task was to use the reader and read five articles. This is quite time-consuming as once in there it is difficult to not go on. I read more than five, liked many and followed 5. Le Chef is making little comments about how I  am now stuck to my computer. Not true….yet……but I can see with all these wonderful articles to read it would be easy to do so.

Dinner tonight  was the remainder of the take away Thai we had the other night. I think a bit of extending had been carried out as we still didn’t finish it off.  I showed Le Chef some photos that a friend had put on Facebook of a man who had found some bear cubs (only one survived) and it grew up as a family member. It is found at

Much discussion was had about this  about whether it was real or photoshopped. Any opinions would be welcome particular the photos of the pool, hot tub and at Thanksgiving.

Le Chef then told me about Lord Byron. The English poet. Whilst he was at Cambridge, boarding in Trinity College he had a bear living in his room. When told that domestic animals were not permitted in the rooms he replied ” Sir, this is not a domestic animal. This is a wild beast.” He was allowed to keep it with him.

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Zero to Hero day 3: The turkey get’s cooked

IMG_1008 IMG_1010

From the photos you have probably guessed — Le Chef’s cooked the turkey so his eyes must be recovering. I don’t know so much that his eyes are recovering but with Le Chef you just wouldn’t know.

“How are your eyes feeling? Can you see okay?” I ask.

“All misty. Everything’s a blur. You better put more medicine in.” He gropes around like a blind man, then gets in the car to go and buy some sage that he needs for the bird. Who would know. I know that the turkey had to be cooked today. It should have been done yesterday but the eyes put a stop to that so I presume they must be getting better.

We didn’t have a turkey at Christmas. Le Chef came back a week after Christmas from one of the many trips he makes daily to the supermarket as pumped up as the turkey he carried. “It was less than half price” he proclaimed with pride.”

This nearly always leads into a discussion on how there is no excuse for poorer people not to eat well in this country. “We’ll get twelve meals out of this at least and some lunches. It cost $15.60 so that’s $1.30 per meal. Nothing. Add some veggies to it and you’ve got a good decent meal for under $3 each. ”

That’s another thing Le Chef is good at – sums in his head. I’m hopeless.

” I don’t know how you’ll get it in the freezer.” I knew it was already full of other cheap meat and cheeses and dips that he had purchased on special. Siege mentality is what Le Chef has and the inability to go past a bargain. We could survive more than a year on what is in our freezer.

“I’ll get it in, don’t you worry about that. I’ve been thinking though”


“maybe we should buy a new freezer. There’s  a cheap one at the $2 shop.”

“Where would we put it?”

“Oh it’s only small. $210. Will you come and have a look at it?”

So we purchased a new freezer. Our turkey meal went from a cost of  $1.30 each to  $18.80 but who cares – Le Chef is happy and the turkey which was stuffed with whole lemons and sage leaves put under its skin tasted absolutely fantastic.

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Zero to Hero Day 2: A Fizzer of a meal


I was not really going to start talking meals at this point. I thought I would just follow the zero to hero instructions and commence feeding you all in 30 days time. However, today we were to look at our name, tagline and insert an about widget. Okay – I’ve looked at my title. I like it. It describes exactly what I plan on talking about in my blog and that is “What my husband Feeds Me.” The ambiguity of the title is something I like because, as well as being about food it is about opinion. We both have strong opinions. Le Chef has an incredible memory for detail whereas I am much more general. As a result he can argue points in a  knowledgeable way and can therefore win most debates. Unfortunately for you it is me that is writing this blog so you’ll have to put up with what I can remember.

Then we were to look at the tagline. Again, after looking, I have to admit I like it too. It lets you know it is about food, opinion and our relationship which at times, like most people, is up and down. How does that affect the food? You’ll just have to continue to read over the coming months to find that out. At the moment we are in a period of harmony, having joined forces over a common event. Christmas. This is often  a period of stress for many people, as it was for us, but it joined us rather than separated us.

Now to the about widget. Yes, I’ve done that already too and at this point I’m not changing it. I hope you picked the irony in the image. I’m the woody wood pecker eating the ark. I just love eating.

So I will briefly tell you about tonight’s meal. This afternoon whilst Le Chef was throwing chlorine in the pool a gust of wind picked up the fine powder and blew it into both his eyes. After a trip to the doctor ,who diagnosed minor chemical burns and patched both his eyes, his proposed roast turkey dinner was off the menu and take away Thai substituted. A bit of a fizzer.

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