Zero to Hero: Day 7 Reheated Roast Turkey dinner


Today is Day 7 of zero to hero. Wow. One whole week. Todays task was a bit more theme searching and header changing. This time I have changed my theme from reddle to Twenty ten. It is still clear so I can read it without glasses and headache. The main reason I changed was because I couldn’t work out how to get an about page. I have been successful with this theme so it’s staying put for the moment. Who knows what the future will bring in the next twenty-three days.

As you can see from the above meal Le Chef has served up the first of the many turkey roasts that we will be having from the large cheap bird he purchased after Christmas. If anything, this was even more delectable than the first meal we had from it. The potatoes sent me to heaven and back again. They were just so tasty. It is when you have a potato like these that you think that yes, you could have lived in Ireland during the famine and eaten only potatoes.  The rest of the meal was pretty good too. Ham always goes well with turkey and the broccolini was such a delicious fresh green. Doing these posts its like eating the meal twice. My mouth is salivating; drooling at the memory of it.

Tonight we discussed over dinner whether politicians always do what is in their own self interest. It started off as a discussion on our own local councillors. We have just successfully deamalgamated from a larger super council. We again have independence and we’re pretty proud of that and our teensy weeny role in achieving it. Some of the councillors waited until it was clear the community were going to vote in favour of deamalgamating before they joined those fighting to have it happen.

Somehow that got us onto American politics. I have to admit that I know very little about politics in the U.S. but Le Chef was telling me how the Republicans call themselves Reaganites but that if Reagan was around today he wouldn’t have been welcome  in the party with the politics he believed in – he actually put up taxes and passed some abortion law or other. (I warned you I don’t remember detail and this was a long, detailed conversation.)

Le Chef also told me that Cheney (I think it was) put forward the identical health care bill to President Obama. Le Chef says that there is a television channel (Fox News, I think) that is compulsory watching if you are Republican being the only channel watched and it feeds its Republican audience like Le Chef feeds me. Except I have to admit that most of what Le Chef tells me stands up to scrutiny.

The point of all this was that Le Chef believes the politicians (both sides) are simply serving their own ends and eventually such a state of stalemate will occur because nobody will put up taxes and that all bills will be blocked that the US will be brought to an actual grinding halt and then not only the US but the entire world will have a big big problem.

Probably none of that makes any sense to you but Le Chef has a way with words and a memory which is huge . Me? I’m just waiting for my next dinner.


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4 Responses to Zero to Hero: Day 7 Reheated Roast Turkey dinner

  1. kathyequinn says:

    We got awesome Turkey Soup, he cooked the broth from the Turkey bones from that on-sale Christmas turkey

    • gretaallison says:

      Yum. Our too gets boiled down for the stock. Le Chef calls it Jewish penicillin (unless that is just chicken bones). He uses it for cooking though. You are lucky getting Soup. I’ll put out some hints in winter.

  2. mcw says:

    Hi Greta – I look forward to hearing more about your conversations with Le Chef. In our household, it is I who usually prepare the meals, tho hubby manages to sling a pretty good breakfast hash. But it is he who dominates the conversation, *especially* if politics is the topic. And, much to my dismay, it is.

    Keep up the good work!

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