Zero to Hero : Day 6 Firecracker squid

This video has nothing to do with my post other than it is about what noise  a squid makes with the tenuous link being the squid. It was, however, our task for Day 6 to use a medium that we had not previously used so here it is.


Our meal tonight was delicious but very, very hot. That’s alright though because over the years my tolerance to hot food has increased  whilst Le Chefs has decreased. Tonight though as the beads of perspiration formed on his brow I happily munched the aptly named Firecracker  squid. This was served with a very tasty Fried Rice. One of the ingredients in the rice was pineapple which came as a sensory shock on the first taste but in reality it joined in the mix well.  He fried the squid in a batter of some sort which included chilli and turmeric amongst goodness knows what else. It may have been hotter than Le Chef expected because he used some rice oil to cook it in that I had been soaking some fresh chilli a friend had given me. He was none too pleased when he found out that I had “doctored the oil.”

He was none to pleased after his shopping expedition anyway. Parking was at a premium and he had to park a considerable distance from the doors to the mall. He wasn’t so much angry about that for himself but for some old fellow that was in the same predicament. The difference was that the old boy was struggling to walk from where he’d park to the shops, yet was not disabled enough to qualify for a parking permit.

This started Le Chef off on a rant about the number of spaces allocated to mothers with prams. ” Why do they need to have a spot near the door?”  This was a reasonable question I thought.

“They don’t” I replied.

“Why can’t a mother with a baby walk to the shops. She’s not disabled. She’s just had a kid. She’s not an invalid. In fact she should be at the prime of her life where she could walk miles. And lets face it – they want to get rid of that baby fat so let them exercise and let the poor old seniors have the prime spots.”

When Le Chef gets going he gets going but I won’t bore you with the repetitive arguments. I’ll just ask “What do you think? Does this bug you also?.”

‘Til dinner then…


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