Zero to Hero: Day 5


No meal to report as yet. Le Chef has gone shopping. Home alone so  I’ve decided to do a catch up post. Before Le Chef  left I asked him how his eye was going. He gave the question serious consideration before replying “Woof”. I took that to mean his eyes have improved.

I on the other hand have fiddled about with themes. I’ve tried many and  have realised that I like white. Why do I like white you may ask and the answer is simple. I can read it easily. It looks clear to me. The black stands out from the page  and my brain does not feel confused. Therefore I could quite happily use themes such as Twenty ten, Bushwick, Shine on to name a few would suit me fine. I have returned to Reddle theme simply because I know where things are on the sidebar and I’m a creature of habit and had already got used to it.

Other themes however, such as Flounder, Motif, and Bon Vivant I found so difficult to read that I know I wouldn’t have returned to use it, such was the headache  they gave me.

I think that is all I  have to say on the matter. ‘Til dinner then.

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