Zero to Hero : Day 4

Unknown-1 zero-to-hero-badge

Some things you just can’t ask a man to do. At 5am Le Chef arose to get the early cup of coffee. “Bring in your eye ointment” I said. He returned with coffee and a tube of  ointment which I applied to both his eyes.  Unfortunately when I finally roused myself to an alert state I discovered he had not brought in his eye medicine but rather that of the dogs. That would have been okay had the dog and he had the same stuff but it was totally different. Oh well we’ll just have to wait and see.

Todays task was to use the reader and read five articles. This is quite time-consuming as once in there it is difficult to not go on. I read more than five, liked many and followed 5. Le Chef is making little comments about how I  am now stuck to my computer. Not true….yet……but I can see with all these wonderful articles to read it would be easy to do so.

Dinner tonight  was the remainder of the take away Thai we had the other night. I think a bit of extending had been carried out as we still didn’t finish it off.  I showed Le Chef some photos that a friend had put on Facebook of a man who had found some bear cubs (only one survived) and it grew up as a family member. It is found at

Much discussion was had about this  about whether it was real or photoshopped. Any opinions would be welcome particular the photos of the pool, hot tub and at Thanksgiving.

Le Chef then told me about Lord Byron. The English poet. Whilst he was at Cambridge, boarding in Trinity College he had a bear living in his room. When told that domestic animals were not permitted in the rooms he replied ” Sir, this is not a domestic animal. This is a wild beast.” He was allowed to keep it with him.

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