Zero to Hero day 3: The turkey get’s cooked

IMG_1008 IMG_1010

From the photos you have probably guessed — Le Chef’s cooked the turkey so his eyes must be recovering. I don’t know so much that his eyes are recovering but with Le Chef you just wouldn’t know.

“How are your eyes feeling? Can you see okay?” I ask.

“All misty. Everything’s a blur. You better put more medicine in.” He gropes around like a blind man, then gets in the car to go and buy some sage that he needs for the bird. Who would know. I know that the turkey had to be cooked today. It should have been done yesterday but the eyes put a stop to that so I presume they must be getting better.

We didn’t have a turkey at Christmas. Le Chef came back a week after Christmas from one of the many trips he makes daily to the supermarket as pumped up as the turkey he carried. “It was less than half price” he proclaimed with pride.”

This nearly always leads into a discussion on how there is no excuse for poorer people not to eat well in this country. “We’ll get twelve meals out of this at least and some lunches. It cost $15.60 so that’s $1.30 per meal. Nothing. Add some veggies to it and you’ve got a good decent meal for under $3 each. ”

That’s another thing Le Chef is good at – sums in his head. I’m hopeless.

” I don’t know how you’ll get it in the freezer.” I knew it was already full of other cheap meat and cheeses and dips that he had purchased on special. Siege mentality is what Le Chef has and the inability to go past a bargain. We could survive more than a year on what is in our freezer.

“I’ll get it in, don’t you worry about that. I’ve been thinking though”


“maybe we should buy a new freezer. There’s  a cheap one at the $2 shop.”

“Where would we put it?”

“Oh it’s only small. $210. Will you come and have a look at it?”

So we purchased a new freezer. Our turkey meal went from a cost of  $1.30 each to  $18.80 but who cares – Le Chef is happy and the turkey which was stuffed with whole lemons and sage leaves put under its skin tasted absolutely fantastic.

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2 Responses to Zero to Hero day 3: The turkey get’s cooked

  1. kathyequinn says:

    My husband feeds me too… it’s always an adventure.

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