Zero to Hero Day 2: A Fizzer of a meal


I was not really going to start talking meals at this point. I thought I would just follow the zero to hero instructions and commence feeding you all in 30 days time. However, today we were to look at our name, tagline and insert an about widget. Okay – I’ve looked at my title. I like it. It describes exactly what I plan on talking about in my blog and that is “What my husband Feeds Me.” The ambiguity of the title is something I like because, as well as being about food it is about opinion. We both have strong opinions. Le Chef has an incredible memory for detail whereas I am much more general. As a result he can argue points in a  knowledgeable way and can therefore win most debates. Unfortunately for you it is me that is writing this blog so you’ll have to put up with what I can remember.

Then we were to look at the tagline. Again, after looking, I have to admit I like it too. It lets you know it is about food, opinion and our relationship which at times, like most people, is up and down. How does that affect the food? You’ll just have to continue to read over the coming months to find that out. At the moment we are in a period of harmony, having joined forces over a common event. Christmas. This is often  a period of stress for many people, as it was for us, but it joined us rather than separated us.

Now to the about widget. Yes, I’ve done that already too and at this point I’m not changing it. I hope you picked the irony in the image. I’m the woody wood pecker eating the ark. I just love eating.

So I will briefly tell you about tonight’s meal. This afternoon whilst Le Chef was throwing chlorine in the pool a gust of wind picked up the fine powder and blew it into both his eyes. After a trip to the doctor ,who diagnosed minor chemical burns and patched both his eyes, his proposed roast turkey dinner was off the menu and take away Thai substituted. A bit of a fizzer.

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